Monday, January 25, 2016

S's 11th Birthday

This is quite a picture-full post.  How I love you, S!
One of the people that work with Dad made this marvelous cake for you, S.  You loved it!  It was beautiful and quickly eaten (it was kind of a miracle that I was able to capture this photo before it was gone).  
 The photos are kind of backward.  We went to Izzy's with two of your friends Gwendolyn and Imogene.
 I love this photo of you ^^ S, because your face is utterly filled with joy.  That was your face the whole day on your birthday.

 Earlier in the day we went to the Salem Carousel.

K loved the horses the second she got on the horse, but by the end of the ride--boy, was she ready to get off.   Then she would walk around the other horses, choose one and be thrilled to get back on it... until the end of the ride.
Ah-ha look what we found.  There was a hidden CTR (Choose the Right) symbol on one of the horses.  R was so proud that he found that.

Happy birthday, sweet girl! I love you so much!  You are growing so much!  You love people. You love cooking, painting, learning, and doing all sorts of things. How glad I am to be your mother! You are an amazing girl!

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