Monday, January 4, 2016

Fast and Testimony Meeting

Yesterday was Fast and Testimony Meeting.  You kidlets each bore your testimony, except Kathleen--you were out running around in the hallway.

T, you were very nervous to bear your testimony so you asked me to write it down for you.  I asked you to tell me what to write and then you went up, read your testimony and then you didn't look up at all. Haha!
S, you love to bear your testimony almost every month. It is sweet, beautiful and simple.  It warms my heart every time!  I love you!
R, you were sitting up by the bishopric, which a deacon does almost every Sunday.  After S and T got up, you got up and said, "My name is R.  My brother and sister were just up here so I guess I had better bear my testimony too." Then you told about the scripture that I had you memorize, which my Grandma O had me memorize when I was your age. It was John 14:15 and you quoted it perfectly.  I was so proud.  You said that sometimes it is difficult to keep the commandments.  "But I'm telling you, that if you do, all that difficulty will be worth it because the rewards are 100% worth it."

It was raining ice, and the bishop was at work so Brother Hoggard, in the bishopric, asked the ward council to counsel together and decide if it was too dangerous for people to stay.  People joke about Oregonians being wimps about snow.  The reason we're nervous about it is because the snow almost immediately turns to a thick layer of ice and is really scary to drive on.

We, on the council, decided that it would prudent and safe to send everyone home after Sacrament Meeting.

A few of the cars had difficulty getting out of the park
ing lot--especially dad's car. I may or may not confirm that he did a 360 just off the ramp to the road.  That was exciting.  The people in the car behind him, rolled down their windows and called to me, "Is he okay?"
I laughed and said, "That car just has a lot of pep."  But silently I was saying a prayer for protection for everyone in the ward, especially dad.

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