Monday, January 25, 2016

S's 11th Birthday

This is quite a picture-full post.  How I love you, S!
One of the people that work with Dad made this marvelous cake for you, S.  You loved it!  It was beautiful and quickly eaten (it was kind of a miracle that I was able to capture this photo before it was gone).  
 The photos are kind of backward.  We went to Izzy's with two of your friends Gwendolyn and Imogene.
 I love this photo of you ^^ S, because your face is utterly filled with joy.  That was your face the whole day on your birthday.

 Earlier in the day we went to the Salem Carousel.

K loved the horses the second she got on the horse, but by the end of the ride--boy, was she ready to get off.   Then she would walk around the other horses, choose one and be thrilled to get back on it... until the end of the ride.
Ah-ha look what we found.  There was a hidden CTR (Choose the Right) symbol on one of the horses.  R was so proud that he found that.

Happy birthday, sweet girl! I love you so much!  You are growing so much!  You love people. You love cooking, painting, learning, and doing all sorts of things. How glad I am to be your mother! You are an amazing girl!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Portland With Friends Part 1

We had our first outing on the Portland train.  It was a grey, cold day and you loved every minute of it because you were with your friends.
I love this photo of Kim because she is so ready to catch Luke before he goes too close to the train tracks.

Sometimes the ride was more jerky than the trains in NYC, but it was to be expected because these trains were working around traffic, not under it.
You guys danced, sang and had a jolly pre-Christmas time.
Even K sat in awe of the traina nd the experience.
Look at Bashi climb!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Outings with K

 Since the kidlets have been back in school, K, you and I have had some wonderful times.  We have gone to Music Makers.
 You take that little purse everywhere we go.  You even sleep with it.  That phone is your favorite toy right now.
 You love seeing your friends.  So glad we have this time together!!

Monday, January 11, 2016

S's Determination To Raise Money

S, you are quite the entrepreneur. You are determined to raise money to go to Grandma's house and to do fun things like buy more art supplies, because you go through them at a surprising rate of speed.

I left your original spelling and punctuation (something we need to work on). I am so proud of you for working your very hardest and striving to earn money.
Today you wrote me a three page paper, complete with comics on the reason I should pay you five dollars an hour to complete your chores and other special chores that additional to your daily ones. I laughed so hard as I read it. Maybe I will have to post it too. I think you are a gifted writer.

So here it is. This is the letter that you gave to your friends and teachers at school. So far no one has called or given you an order. You're trying to figure out how to get results and personally, I love the learning curve. Even if you don't get immediate success I love the fact that I know you will try again another way and each time you will learn and get better at your goal. Go for it! Love you!
Hello! My name is S--. I am trying to earn a plane ride to my grandma's house, but to do that I half to earn money to go, so I decided to do this. First of all I'm selling treats.The large cookies are 0.75$ each, the medium cookies are 0.50$ each, and the small cookies are 0.25$ each.The types are listed below.I also have more treats, their prices are listed below them.

chocolate chip cookies~oatmeal cookies ~ gluten free peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips

brownies  ~  cupcakes  ~  (maybe) chocolate or vanilla cake
0.75$           1.00$                            6.00$
each piece    each                         

Even if you're not really a sweet tooth, I can babysit, and the good thing about that is I love kids!I love playing with them, helping them, etc. Plus I'm red cross certified!(Red cross has a babysitting course and I went through it!)

If you don't want or need those things, I LOVE to draw and paint.If you have a empty, or not so pretty room, you want to spice up, your in luck! Send me a picture of what you want drawn or painted and I`ll try my best to paint it, or draw it, for example, a picture of your family.

if ALL of these don't catch your interest, this might. Are you going on vacation any time soon??? Do you have a pet?If you have a pet, or pets and your going on vacation I can pet sit them.(If you like.)  If you're not I can walk the dog, (if you have one.) (again if you like.)

have you had a hard week and need to mow your lawn but are too tired? (Don't worry this happens to EVERYONE.)I can help! just call my mom and see if I can do it soon! Lucky you will probably not have to worry because it's so cold it's freezing the grass is freezing, so it doesn't really grow!

If you want me to do any of these things contact 5--------- If you want to buy cookies, fill out the other sheet and text my mom to get the address, then bring it over, with your phone number and address.Thank you SOOOOO MUCH! This means alot to me!


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Thursday, January 7, 2016

R's Band Concert

We got front row seats, literally two feet behind the director.
We loved hearing R play.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Voices In Your Head A Capella Group Sings at the Mall

 Let me just tell you that being in this group "Voices In Your Head" is so much fun.

 We laugh almost as much as we sing.
Then after we were done singing I saw my friend Holly.  So fun to see her daughter sing and act.
 Shalynn and Sarah, in my group, started the youth singing and dancing group.  That's Shalynn's son was there dancing with the children.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

K's Gradual Realization that She is Taking Photos

 K this is this is where you found my phone and started taking photos.

 Something is dawning.  You ARE taking photos.
Haha! Yay for you!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Fast and Testimony Meeting

Yesterday was Fast and Testimony Meeting.  You kidlets each bore your testimony, except Kathleen--you were out running around in the hallway.

T, you were very nervous to bear your testimony so you asked me to write it down for you.  I asked you to tell me what to write and then you went up, read your testimony and then you didn't look up at all. Haha!
S, you love to bear your testimony almost every month. It is sweet, beautiful and simple.  It warms my heart every time!  I love you!
R, you were sitting up by the bishopric, which a deacon does almost every Sunday.  After S and T got up, you got up and said, "My name is R.  My brother and sister were just up here so I guess I had better bear my testimony too." Then you told about the scripture that I had you memorize, which my Grandma O had me memorize when I was your age. It was John 14:15 and you quoted it perfectly.  I was so proud.  You said that sometimes it is difficult to keep the commandments.  "But I'm telling you, that if you do, all that difficulty will be worth it because the rewards are 100% worth it."

It was raining ice, and the bishop was at work so Brother Hoggard, in the bishopric, asked the ward council to counsel together and decide if it was too dangerous for people to stay.  People joke about Oregonians being wimps about snow.  The reason we're nervous about it is because the snow almost immediately turns to a thick layer of ice and is really scary to drive on.

We, on the council, decided that it would prudent and safe to send everyone home after Sacrament Meeting.

A few of the cars had difficulty getting out of the park
ing lot--especially dad's car. I may or may not confirm that he did a 360 just off the ramp to the road.  That was exciting.  The people in the car behind him, rolled down their windows and called to me, "Is he okay?"
I laughed and said, "That car just has a lot of pep."  But silently I was saying a prayer for protection for everyone in the ward, especially dad.