Thursday, December 8, 2016

Family Selfie

This was when J was just a few days old and we needed a family photo.

 You know, I see this and all I can think is how dearly the Lord must love His children!  I feel so grateful!
 I love us.  We're mixed up, goofy, sometimes grumpy and moody, happy, sad at moments, and striving to love life always.
 More smooches from K.

 We're striving to be our best, do our best and work with honor.
Pretty sure he loves being in our family too!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

J's First Week

 Dear J:
 Do you have any idea how much you are loved and adored?
 We can hardly get enough of you.  You have us all enraptured. 
 Your sweet little grunts and groans.  You love to snuggle.
 You're growing so big.
 K wants to hold you every time she sits on the couch.
 You love music and will often stop and hold still so you can hear.
Grandma O was here the first week.  She was so wonderful and helped with everything and she enjoyed you too!  So glad she could come! (Thanks Mom!).
The hustle and bustle of the family doesn't seem to bother you. But you do like to have your hands free. K loves to put her hand in yours, especially while you sleep, which sometimes wakes you.
 Your favorite person, mom, loves all the snuggles.
 We love to see you sleep because then sometimes you laugh and smile.
 K loves the kisses!  She'll often stop playing or doing whatever she is doing and rush over to give you a big kiss.  (Please excuse my Ursula from The Little Mermaid impression in back-hehe).
 More and more and more mommy snuggles and kisses.
 Mom couldn't get over how teeny you were in your what seemingly humongous car seat. 
 Your second favorite person in the house is R.  You love him so much! He loves you too--as you can tell. 
Thank you for being in our family, J!  You're such a miracle! We love you!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

J's Hospital Photos

Before you start reading, I just want you to know that this is a very, very long post.

I have love love loved having this little one in our lives!  He is now 12 lbs big, gaining about half of his body weight in a month and a half.
 I love those toes.  So grateful for the blessings of modern medicine and loving, kind nurses that are willing to stay up all night and care for me and this miracle boy.

 Whenever I think of the process of birth I tend to think that those little ones must be a bit in-shock from their journey out of my body.  I feel like the photo above pretty well describes that.
 Aw!  I love this!
 W was so helpful with all the beeping machines which would go off every twenty minutes, no exaggeration.

 These beautiful flowers were from my mother-in-law.  My mom was there taking my kiddos everywhere.

 See those kissable cheeks?!
 Let me sleep or feed me.

 I love the photos above.  I can't get over how excited and delighted everyone was to have J.
 R couldn't wipe his smile off as he snuggled that bundle of joy. 
 Aw, my little K.  She wanted to get in on snuggling J too! 
 They fed me really well in the hospital. I tried to keep some of it for when the littles visited so they could have a happy snack too.
 Each kiddo wanted a chance to snuggle on the bed, partly because I let them use the controls and partly because they really missed me and boy did I miss them.  I know it is out of focus and my eyes are closed, but I love T's expression of happiness.
 Classic apple slice smile photo. 

 J's feet--monitor free.  Still loving those toes.
 T loves to snuggle that boy.
 Brothers, what a beautiful thing!

 It is really hard to get everyone in a photo to look up and smile at the exact same moment.  But look at S, she is absolutely gleeful!

 I love the baby yawns so dearly!

 I feel there should be some memes.

 These photos may be my favorite of J by himself.  He looks so peaceful and beautiful!  God is so good and such an artist.
 I know I say this, or at least I think this a lot--that I am so incredibly blessed!  I am so thankful for the miracles and the angels that were and are watching over me and my dear ones.
 They were going to release us a day later, but I missed the kiddos so much and W so much that we convinced the doctor to let us go a day early.

 Freedom! Oh happy day!