Wednesday, December 16, 2015

To K

Dear K,  Lately you've been sleeping in until around 11-12ish. In some ways it has been so nice, in that during the week I am able to get things like blogging, writing, cleaning, and exercising before you wake up.

But, church has been a bit of a challenge.  You are not a morning person, at this point.  So the morning monster tends to step out on Sundays.  Dad sometimes says you are sick, but he doesn't know that it is just up-too-early-grumpiness.

But sometimes, amid the grumpiness, you give me 'nuggles.  I love those snuggles so much my heart melts.

Thank you for being my girl.  I love you dearly!

Love, Mom

P.S. Last night you had a conversation with Dad that absolutely tickled me.

K: Ring.
Daddy: You want my ring?
K: Yes, peas.
Daddy: Okay
K: Thank you. Welcome. It mine now.

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