Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thompson's Mills State Heritage Site

During Thanksgiving break we had a day where we went and got lunch then went for a drive.
When I was growing up my mother would often stop at what felt like every historical site (which we lovingly called hysterical site).  I am not as good as that.  But it did feel like needed to do something fun and unplanned.
You got to see how they opened up the electrical turbines.  We saw photos from the 1996 flooding.
You got to grind flour.  You saw how whole wheat flour and even all-purpose flour (which is just finer ground whole wheat flour, how did I not know that?!
We saw the flour bags, which originally had the brand printed on them in permanent ink, but they changed it to the kind that could be washed out so that they could be reused as clothing.  Then they started putting patterns on them, floral and otherwise so they could have different patterns on their clothes.  Even the kind so people could purchase them to make dolls. 
 How times have changed?!   Thank you to the amazing people that work there!

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