Tuesday, December 15, 2015

LAFTA's Christmas Musical

The first week of December, I was in the Christmas musical in Lebanon.  
Rehearsal Photo from Ryan McWayne
We, me and six other singers, make up the newest acapella group we've decided to call "Voices in Your Head."  I love singing in groups--big and small.  There is so much learning, laughing and fun singing happening.  It is just the beginning, but I think we have immense potential as a group.

Photo from Ryan McWayne.
Photo from Ryan McWayne and family.
Now let me introduce you to my faux-family--as in they were my family in the Christmas Musical. That is Natalie.  She was my faux-oldest.

Also there was Sara, she was my fuax-youngest.

Then there was Sam. He was my faux-middle.  Logan Burt was my faux-husband.

What I enjoyed about this was being able to sing with a group.  I kind of forget how much I love singing with a group of great singers and it feels great!  There is a lot of singing, learning, and laughter.

Next year, you'll get to audition!  We'll do it all together.  Hopefully by then K, you'll be able to sing and it will be all of us, together, singing with all our hearts.

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