Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Eve Thoughts

Dearest Ones:

You are sleeping in your "campout" place in the playroom right now.  I may need to sneak a photo.  You are so excited for Christmas.  This year, when we read about the birth of Jesus Christ ,  the Prophets testifying of him, the angels singing praises (I have imagined being one of them so many times), the wise men, and the wonderful story of Christmas, I felt such gladness that we are a family.

By Brian Kershisnik, Nativity 2006 (
This year has been such a year of ups and downs, not all of which have been placed on the blog because they felt too personal--but you, sweet ones, know of them.

You know that I tend to not get too excited about holidays. I change the decor three times a year in our house--Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and usually there are only three or four things that mark it.  I have purchased Easter decor so we'll be having that too sometime.

The point is that I am trying to make is this year my holiday goal was to simplify.  My goal was to buy 1. Something wanted, 2. Something needed, and 3. Something to read.  I think it may have ended up being 1. Something wanted, 2. Something wanted, 3. Something needed, and 4. Something mom thought you would like because it looked awesome.

The books didn't get here in time, but other than that you're covered--also we are really into digital books that we listen to as we drive around. We are currently listening to the Spiderwick Chronicles, from the library which is cost-efficient, fun, and clutter-free.  

The thing that seemed to get you most excited about the holidays was a tradition from when I was growing up.  On Tuesday, we went to the store and I gave you $30 to get Christmas presents for the family.  You had to figure out how much you were willing to spend on each person, what they would most like or most likely use, and how to keep it hidden in the reusable, opaque shopping bags you brought. Then you stood by the door as I purchased them.  My mother would give us cash to get presents when I was growing up, but, I paid for it. You all ended up just under budget.

Do you know how much you are loved?  Can you realize that how wonderful Heavenly Father is to us?  With all our faults and insecurities he knows our potential and wants us to live up to our best. I am so grateful that He sent a Savior, Jesus Christ, to die for us so we can live with Him again.  That is my main goal, to have our whole family together forever, in the Celestial Kingdom, with Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. That was the goal of Jesus Christ, for the world.  That is what we are celebrating this wonderful Christmas!

Love, Mom

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