Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Parent Teacher Conference

 Sometimes I think homeschooling is a superb idea for us.  The reason being that most of the time I absolutely love having you home with me.  Also, I tend to be a bit spontaneous and do something absolutely wonderful like dashing off to Portland for an outing, running to the park for a sweat-inducing game of tag in and around the playground.
 But the things that are stopping me are the fact that you adore your friends and love to see them on a a daily basis.  You are learning the social ropes.  Possibly more than anything that same spontaneity which makes it fun for us to go out on adventures can make it impossible to establish a school-like schedule.  Trust me, I know you well and you thrive on a schedule.
K found my phone and she took a photo by herself.  I can see what will happen.  Love it!

By the way, did you know how dearly I love you?!  Just thought you should know, again and again.

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