Tuesday, November 10, 2015

K Humorous

K, you love the textures of any and all food.  You have a need to feel each thing you eat.  Then you feel the need to smear it on your face.  
Sometimes you make me laugh so hard. For example, the other day, you pulled me to the area you thought you had seen "Bug! Bug!"  Moments later you picked up the bug to show me personally.  I told you to throw it in the toilet. You did, then we flushed it.  After ward you called out, "Thank you! Bye!"  S was outside the door. I looked at her and we both burst out laughing.

Then again, another day, at dinner, you had finished your food and was playing with the blocks under the table, when S told us about the epic fort R, S, and T had built.  S said she was talking like a reporter.  That second you, K, started saying "Here, here, here" in very reporter-like animated tones.  We all laughed.

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