Thursday, November 12, 2015


 Sorry about the blurry photos. I couldn't get you to hold still long enough, K, to get a proper photo.

 S and R, you were so excited to go trick-or-treating. R, I think this is your last year.  You were a ninja. S was a home depot worker (she liked that the outfit was very cost-efficient).  And T, you were a storm trooper, like last year.
 Dad took you all out, I drove around being the person that watched and waited from the car in case you all got too soaked to continue--you didn't, including K. She was thrilled to walk from home to home and get candy.
 Some of the homes gave you full-sized candy bars.  Our neighbors across the driveway Karen and Chuck gave you full-sized ones. They are so nice!
 Halloween was fun.  Second year that W has been able to go with us. I love seeing him go trick-or-treating with you kidlets!

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