Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Caroler Conundrum

I saw this photo of Gilbert Blythe--aka Jonathon Crombie--but it is labeled Grandpa Grandpa. I like that if you look closely it looks like I am trying to straighten his tie as I take the photo.

 But the real reason I was at the antique mall was to find carolers.  My mother and I made Christmas Carolers when I was a child.  She made it so exciting to paint the wood and add hair.  Then she painted them to look like they were singing--I want to do the same thing with you kidlets.
 Of course, after I found all the carolers in the store I had to line them up and they became the Christmas choir.
 And I just about bought them all, right there on the spot.

 Do you see what I mean?  You can almost hear the voices.
 So beautiful! Look at those expressions!
 How to choose?! I even called my mom.  I sent her these photos.
In the end, I chose the two on the left because they were the most antique and matched my decor.  They were made in Japan and I think made in the 1940s.  
 But I still treasure those memories with my mom and hope to make some similar ones with you, my kidlets!

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