Thursday, October 29, 2015

Northwest Home Services Conference

 I had my very favorite jerky ever at this home conference.  It is called Bakke Brothers Jerky.  That is one of the brothers handing me the alligator jerky (which was tasty).  He let me try any and all the types of jerky and I loved it!

 Kristen Frome and Emmaleigh came too (actually they drove).
K, R was home sick that day so you got to stay with him.
 Look behind Emmaleigh and I--that is tupperware. And it wasn't the type you find in Walmart, it was the kind we used to have when we were little kids.
The trees were just starting to change, so I HAD to take a picture.  I feel so grateful and blessed to have such good friends and to find out about the services that are there to help me, as a homeowner.

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