Friday, October 30, 2015

General Conference

You probably already know this but I love General Conference. It is the semi-annual meeting of all the leaders of our church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, that is broadcast over the internet and several television stations around the world.
I love gathering together to do a puzzle, draw, or paint while we listen.
When I was in college I got to sing in General Conference. Right before the session started, Elder Scott came back to talk to us.  Normally they don't want people writing or distracting in any way from the speaker, but Elder Scott felt it was very important for us to write down impressions that came to our minds so he arranged for us to hold little 2" x 3" notebooks and little 3" pencils.
I wish I had kept mine.  But more than the papers, I remember feeling that he, Elder Scott, was truly a man of God and that if he felt that it was that important for us to write our thoughts and impressions during a world-wide broadcast it must be vital for us to be open to the promptings of the Spirit wherever we are and it doesn't matter what we are doing.  Follow the Holy Ghost's guidance.
This time, some of the things that came to mind, specifically for me and for our family (listening with an open and sincere heart allows the Holy Ghost to teach you--which is what I was striving to do).

  • Pray in faith since childhood--I want to reemphasize the need for heartfelt and faithful prayers
  • Have dinner as a family--"Ask what did you do to serve?"
  • Why was important for King Nebuchadnezzar, personally, to have the dream/revelation of the latter-days?  Was it because if it had been the non-king person their dreams and thoughts would not have been preserved?
  • Consider filming your children on the Sabbath of family stories. Share the stories of Christ, especially on Sunday.
  • From President Monson: The goal of our lives is to be an example of Jesus Christ.
  • In the closing prayer of conference this thought came to me: dedicate acts of obedience as signs of love unto the Lord. See if you notice a difference.  I have since done this several times and each time I do it, really focusing on it, I have noticed an immediate outpouring of love from God.  I cannot tell you how much that means to me and what joy it has brought.  I know God loves me and you!!!

Lately I have started drawing my rendition (which is not very good--haha) of the speakers.  I listen really hard so when I have something prick my understanding I can write it down.
S, you worked so hard on a painting for Grandma of you and her, but sadly, K, you got it and it did not last very long--but it's understandable, K, it had beautiful bright colors and needed parading around the house.  Too bad it couldn't handle your sweet joy in your sisters work.
I love General Conference!
How I love our family!  You bring me such joy (a lot of thought and contemplation and heart-felt prayers of comfort and guidance in your behalf too).
T, it was so hard to get a photo of you holding still. Even this one where you are finally in focus, when the photo had been taken--which was super fast, you were up and hopping around the room with energy enough to power the city of Albany.

I know it looks like there are a couple of repeat photos, but they are actually just slightly different. When this is printed in a book you can do a compare the photos game.

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