Friday, August 28, 2015

Seattle Trip

 On Monday and Tuesday, we went on a trip with our dear friends, Erika and her kids Bashi and Ayden.  Erika planned it and I drove.  Since we went you kidlet-os have decided that it was the best trip to Seattle ever.  I told you about my brother Gary, when we were young and he was about three, complained all the way to Seattle when we drove there as a family with the determined and somewhat disgusted phrase, "I don't want to go see Attle!"
 Not one of you said this the whole time.  You got to play Nitendo DSs all the way there (you were in heaven).  The photos above are of the Discovery Playground in the park next to the Space Needle.  The shiny building, casting the pink hue, is a museum shaped like a guitar being smashed.
 We went on the Ride the Ducks tour.  It went all over Seattle and into the lake.  We even saw the Sleepless in Seattle house on the lake--which recently sold for enough money to feed a small nation for a year.

 K wanted to sit anywhere but on my lap throughout the tour. T, you and Bashi were okay with it until she got by the window--where you immediately worried she was going to bail.  She spent most of the time on my lap.
 By the end of the trip every now and again K would call out "Dashi!"  and even a couple of times "Aiden!"
 You sisters are best buddies.  K loves to call out "A-ra" when she needs you.  I can't get over the cuteness of that toddler wrist and hand.

 I had to stop and snap this photo because I loved all the plants growing through the rocks--like in Brooklyn right by the Brooklyn Public Library.
 Now for the Troll Under the Bridge.  I couldn't get a photo of you, R, looking right at me.  You kept turning your head. I think there may have only been room up there for one person.
 After you and Aiden climbed up there, you couldn't get down. The climb up was much easier than the climb down and Erika had to go help you get down.
 Erika is so great to be around. She is constantly optimistic and encouraging!  What a great friend!

 It's got you!  Yikes!
 You have to get at least one photo like that, right?!
 There is a bit of a climb associated with getting to the troll.  It is a pretty steep hill and look at all the cars that park the entire way up.  That is some great parallel parking!

 We went to the Lego store (your personal favorite) and to the American Girl Store.  K loved it! She wanted to touch each and every doll--where you each took a turn saving the day and not letting every single doll get removed from display.  Bashi thought the blinking eyes were a bit creepy.
K, you loved pushing the baby twins around in the double stroller--until you got by a couple of people and they looked horrified that you might run them over.  What a wonderful trip!

The night before we went to the Kate Spade outlet.  Then we went to the hotel where you got to swim to your heart's content. K, you had an incredibly messy diaper and the next day they had to drain the pool and start over.  We all took strong showers.  Good times.

The trip was a huge success and we all loved it.  Dad was so glad to have us back too!

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