Thursday, August 27, 2015

More "Mary Poppins"

 From Mark Boren

From Karla Nielson Boren

From Mark Boren

 This is the holding area/cafeteria, where we waited between the times we were on stage.

 This is the person who did my make-up a lot of the time, Emily Lattimer, and her daughter, Sadie who played Jane.
 My heavens, there were so many wonderful people in the play!  We felt so blessed to work with them!

 Alonzo (who played Michael), S, and I.  Alonzo had to hold a chair very still for me to sit in every night. Good work, Alonzo! I never fell! :D

 It was the best to be in the play with you, S!  Love you!
 My friend, Holly Rose and her kidlets--Lauren and Porter.  We've had a play date with them since, at the Cool Pool in Albany.

 Trisha Wagner (Mrs. Correy) and I.  We had a great time making faces and her make-up was always awesome!

 Every time, T, that you saw my make-up you would come to me and say, "Mom, I really don't like how you look!  Take off that make-up! It makes you scary!"

 These are from the rehearsals.   This was not the finished set, ut it gives you a little taste.

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