Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mary Poppins

Let me just tell you right now, being in Mary Poppins; a Broadway Musical in Lebanon was such fun!  It was an immense blessing too!

The first night, the directors pulled me aside and asked me if I would help with the opening, welcome-to-the-play bit.  I was thrilled.

So it went like this--they thanked a lot of people and almost ended by saying something similar to, "Just a friendly reminder, please turn off your cell phones."  At which point I burst out of the curtains, barreled over to the directors, demanded the "speaking device" a.k.a. the microphone and I would say something like, "That was not a friendly reminder!  Put your cell phones away or I will hunt you down and personally administer brimstone and treacle!"  On the later nights I would do the I-am-watching-you move to the audience and when people would laugh I tried so hard not to laugh so I frowned even harder and marched off the stage.

One night I was the brunt of a hilarious prank.  I had a line that said talked about how dirty the Bank house was. I lifted the cushion of the couch to search for dirt and sitting there under the cushion was a fake egg.  I took a huge gasp of air in, attempting with my whole soul to not burst out laughing.  I looked at ShaLyn Straight (Mrs. Banks) and she was holding her face in as straight a line as possible to keep from laughing. Kimi Richardson (Mrs. Brill) and Curtis Allen (Robertson Aye) could openly laugh, but I gulped in the air all I could and went on with my lines--with only a couple of huffs (laughs I covered).  The rest of the night I laughed.  I loved it!

S loved being the Teddy Bear.  She was so confident and many of the nights, even with the microphones on she was the loudest (but I don't think she realized it).   She loved the dancing and would practice at home and sing the songs in the car.  S told all her friends how much she loved being in the play.

Each night she would come home utterly exhausted. She made some friends and we exchanged numbers with a few people. One night her friends came and she was so excited!

In the next few days, I will post more photos (hopefully).

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