Monday, July 13, 2015

The Fourth of July

 In my opinion Rexburg, Idaho is one of the very best places to spend the fourth of July.
 First, they have a lovely parade. Some years it has a lot of floats and other years it is practically float-less. But it is full of town pride.

 And there is lots of candy.  Some years you'll even get free chocolate milk--this year they gave out Greek yogurt, which the littlest ones promptly spread liberally on all the nearby adults.

 It was proving to be a hot day.  So we went to Grandma O's house and they filled up water balloons for an epic water balloon war between all the little ones.  I loved hearing Grandma and Grandpa laugh with you since you were all getting wet while helping. Grandma's hair got soaked even.  I loved hearing that!

 We all got soaked.

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