Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Road Rally on July 4 Afternoon

On July 4, in the evening whilst I was picking Daddy up from the airport you went on a road rally with all the cousins.

 Each group (all the families were a bit mixed up together) had to take a photo or video at each place.

 One of the requirements was handstands at the office.

 Another was flying a kite on the BYU-Idaho campus.
 It is a place that oozing with memories with my family.  We love it!

 Up on campus are the gardens.  It was in one of the gazebos that Uncle Rob proposed to Aunt Suzanne.

 And Uncle Brent and Aunt Tanya got engagement photos.

 Then there was the riding the gizmos challenge.

 And stadium singing.

 Then they had to teach the ducks secret spy moves.
 Then rewarding them with food (the ducks' favorite part).
 Thank you Aunt Tanya and Uncle Brent for the fun road rally! What a great idea! It looked like so much fun!

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