Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Nye Beach

 On Monday we went to Newport, Oregon.  It was a dazzling day.
 Yay for the warrior three, yoga move which I for some odd reason feel it is slightly obligatory to do on the beach.

 S, you found 6 hermit crabs and you all had a wonderful time!

 I love that my parents have been married around 40 years and they are still so in love and respect each other so dearly.  They are such great examples of love and kindness!

 Love you, Mom and Dad O!  You are so wonderful!  Thank you for helping us put up the picnic table, add cushions to the chairs, put up mirrors and pictures, and for taking us to the beach!

When we arrived this lady was feeding the bird.  I would like to pretend it was a french fry so I could say that we were as happy as a bird with a french fry, but I  think in this case it was a scrap of bread.  That bird was happy!

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