Sunday, June 28, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend in St. George

 We asked our friends to watch Skittles and we flew off to St. George for Memorial Day.  We rode in the car to go hiking with Lizzie and Dan. We laughed so much--I felt like I had gotten an ab workout just from laughing.
 We each got our own T-shirt with the Lego head that best describes our current hair/glasses situation. Okay, only Dad got the glasses.
 I premiered my Lady Sybil look (from Downton Abbey).

 We hiked a lot. Kara even climbed trees.  We found some hollow trees perfect for family photos and some caves that you each had to explore with your children.

 Every night, Aunt Lizzie would go into the girl's room--where all the girl cousins were sleeping and read them the book  The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

 Uncle Steve and Aunt Mindy brought their climbing gear and you, R, climbed some wonderful rocks.
 Some of you even squeezed through this tiny opening between the rocks. You had so much fun!
 Daddy even got to work out with his brothers and Kara--who led them through a crazy difficult workout--or three.
 Grammers brought some dress-ups and all of the girls had a wonderful time dressing up.   You, S, and Jenna were sporting some old formal dresses.

 Then when we got home we had to take a Portland Airport foot photo.  Because the carpet is leaving the airport and has it's own instagram account.  :)  Thank you, Mommers and Dad VDG.  We had so much fun! The hiking was gorgeous and the company delightful.

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