Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Lori Sterns came to me and the Primary Presidency with an idea to make a video for all the dads in our ward to watch while they ate pie that the ward gives the past, present, and future fathers (in other words, all the men).

A LOT of work later (including time when the extended family was here *sad face*).  Sunday came and we had been able to hear most of the children and many of the youth tell why they love their fathers.

As I watched each of the children, I just felt such love for them.  They are wonderful, precious children of Heavenly Father and I just brimmed with pride because of their words and dearness!  I can just sense how brimming with potential each and every one is.

It was so rewarding to see the faces of the brothers (what we call all the men--women are sisters) in the ward.  They laughed and nodded.  At the end, they clapped.  I realized it was the first time that my videos have premiered in front of a lot of people, complete with applause.  Again, I felt gratitude and hope that my future films can have such a positive impact on those who see them.

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