Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Grammer's Visit

 Grammers and Grandpa VDG came to visit because R, since you are 12 and getting the ability to use the Aaronic Priesthood (a.k.a. the Power of God--which can only be used to bless the lives of others, not yourself).  Starting next Sunday, for example, you will be able to serve the Sacrament to the people who come to Sacrament Meeting.  You helped Grandpa with the yard and mowing the lawn (thanks for fixing the lawn mower, mowing the lawn, putting up pictures and more, Dad VDG).
 While you and Grandpa and you, T, worked on the yard and the mower; Grammers, K, S and I went to the antique mall where Grammers found these beautiful quilts that were just like the ones in Nauvoo--in the Joseph and Emma Smith house.
 We also found this table that I was thinking about painting white or staining it a darker stain.  But I am not sure--it is oak.  But I am not sure that it truly speaks to me.  Also, look at this beautiful chandelier.

The next day Grammers got so sick and even had to go to the hospital, so we didn't get to play too much.  Thank goodness, though, she is on the mend.  We love you Grammers and Grandpa!

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