Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Grammer's Visit

 Grammers and Grandpa VDG came to visit because R, since you are 12 and getting the ability to use the Aaronic Priesthood (a.k.a. the Power of God--which can only be used to bless the lives of others, not yourself).  Starting next Sunday, for example, you will be able to serve the Sacrament to the people who come to Sacrament Meeting.  You helped Grandpa with the yard and mowing the lawn (thanks for fixing the lawn mower, mowing the lawn, putting up pictures and more, Dad VDG).
 While you and Grandpa and you, T, worked on the yard and the mower; Grammers, K, S and I went to the antique mall where Grammers found these beautiful quilts that were just like the ones in Nauvoo--in the Joseph and Emma Smith house.
 We also found this table that I was thinking about painting white or staining it a darker stain.  But I am not sure--it is oak.  But I am not sure that it truly speaks to me.  Also, look at this beautiful chandelier.

The next day Grammers got so sick and even had to go to the hospital, so we didn't get to play too much.  Thank goodness, though, she is on the mend.  We love you Grammers and Grandpa!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Violin Recital

 S, I was so proud of you at your recital.

 It made me smile when you kept going even though you made a mistake.   Just like life...right?!
 Look at handsome daddy!

 You look so lovely! I am so grateful for you.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend in St. George

 We asked our friends to watch Skittles and we flew off to St. George for Memorial Day.  We rode in the car to go hiking with Lizzie and Dan. We laughed so much--I felt like I had gotten an ab workout just from laughing.
 We each got our own T-shirt with the Lego head that best describes our current hair/glasses situation. Okay, only Dad got the glasses.
 I premiered my Lady Sybil look (from Downton Abbey).

 We hiked a lot. Kara even climbed trees.  We found some hollow trees perfect for family photos and some caves that you each had to explore with your children.

 Every night, Aunt Lizzie would go into the girl's room--where all the girl cousins were sleeping and read them the book  The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

 Uncle Steve and Aunt Mindy brought their climbing gear and you, R, climbed some wonderful rocks.
 Some of you even squeezed through this tiny opening between the rocks. You had so much fun!
 Daddy even got to work out with his brothers and Kara--who led them through a crazy difficult workout--or three.
 Grammers brought some dress-ups and all of the girls had a wonderful time dressing up.   You, S, and Jenna were sporting some old formal dresses.

 Then when we got home we had to take a Portland Airport foot photo.  Because the carpet is leaving the airport and has it's own instagram account.  :)  Thank you, Mommers and Dad VDG.  We had so much fun! The hiking was gorgeous and the company delightful.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Tommy's Photos

 Dear T, you have been taking photos a lot lately.  I love to see them.  You are great at capturing personality and those really happy moments.
 Here you are with your friend, Nick Greaves while R was at scouts.
K, do you see how doted upon you are?!  You are one blessed little lady.
 Mom with the Lady Sybil look.
 A house that you loved so much you had to take a photo.
 A red antique valve that you loved at one of the stores that I love.
And one of K taking off her new flip flops.  They are so good, T.  Thank you!  Please keep taking photos of things that make you happy.  It makes me happy too!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happy Birthday, R!

 R, you turned 12 this last week.  I cannot believe it has been twelve wonderful years since you came into my life.  You are such an amazing young man! You are helpful, thrifty, honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous and you do good for all those around you.  I cannot tell you how many times I have said a silent prayer of gratitude for you and your helpfulness.

You love to laugh and you love to see people laugh. You know how to work hard and to keep going even if your brother and sister are not (quite a feat, let me tell you).

K loves to run to you and sometimes prefers you over me (which is quite shocking since she usually runs to only me or dad).  You can make us all laugh.  I love looking over at you when one of the other kids says something funny because I can see in your eyes and face that you love and appreciate the moment too!

The following photos are of you growing up.  You are a treasure to have and to be around. I love you so dearly!  Love, Mom