Friday, May 29, 2015

Woodburn Tulip Festival Part 2

Dear Kidlets:
You are a delight to be around (most of the time, haha).  I really treasure every moment!

 You are one another's best friends.  Once I was talking to someone that had grown up with Daddy about how I truly wanted our family to be each other's best friends before anyone else because we are going to be together for eternity.  I think she stopped listening after that, but I knew that that was what I truly wanted.  I love that you/we are.
 You adore your baby sister. You each constantly tell me that you love to have a baby sister.

You love to make each other laugh. It melts my heart.

 K, five minutes after you got out of the stroller  you fell into a huge pile of mud.  It was so cold I had to change you right there and put you into a measly little sweater that I had brought instead of your lovely warm coat.
 We were there with our friends from Tigard.  Angela Bingham and Erika Bushman. Their kids were in school that day.

 They had these delicious "elephant ears."  We, together, ate four of them.
 See how glorious those beautiful tulips were?! I loved the bright colors.

 We did duckling races.
 We played on the tire swings.

 We people-watched.

 Rode on/in cow wagons.

And loved the food.  What a great experience.  Next time, we'll bring more warm clothing.

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