Monday, May 18, 2015

The Wreck By The High Way

 Last week, we were driving home from a family outing.  There was this wreck that had just happened a few moments before on the side of the road.  Dad hopped out and ran over to make sure everyone was okay.  When we drove up it looked like they were trying to get someone out that was trapped in the car.
When he got there he found out it was just a woman trying to reach something that was in the car.  We brought her a drink of water and we started gathering her scattered belongings.  Turns out she didn't make the turn well, over-corrected (I think) and rolled her car.

I was so proud of Dad for getting out there to help.  The cops didn't seem to thrilled that people stopped to help, but it worked out.  They saved the day after we left. Hehe.

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