Thursday, May 7, 2015

Happy Mommer's Day and Our Laundry Room

I read about a family that didn't bother with drawers in the bedrooms and made the laundry room clothing central.  You cannot tell from this photo--all the way--that that is almost how we work in our family.  My mother-in-law, the last time she was here, set this up and it has been a life saver.

It is not always as clean as it is in these photos and I know there is a lot to do to keep the cleaning supplies in check, but at this point I am really proud of our progress.

You, dear children, are learning to do your own laundry. S, you are the best at it at this point.  Boys, you are still learning to put your clothes in the bins.  But, we are taking it a day at a time and I am determined to be patient both with myself and with you.

We wash the dirty clothes that are in the bins under the shelves, dry them, and then put them in the bins with our names on them, clean.  When we are getting ready, we put the clothes in the dryer for a few short minutes and pull them out hot and nearly wrinkle-free.
We really like this system right now.  I feel blessed that my dear MIL did this for us!  Thank you, so much and Happy Mother's Day, Mommers!

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