Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Dear K: I cannot believe how fast you are growing. I was looking that video of S's from yesterday and it surprised me how much you and your siblings have changed in that short time.

You have such a personality. You love to see people laugh and sometimes when we are all in the car laughing at something you burst out laughing which makes the rest of us laugh too.  You insist that markers are for writing on your arms, clothes and walls (that comes to a quick stop).

You have Daddy wrapped around your little finger.  The moment he leaves the room you do a short "Ahh" and Daddy will stop and come back and swoop you into his arms.  He is your favorite during the day and I am still your favorite during the night although I stopped nursing you months ago.

You love to pet our bunny and to open her cage so she can jump out. You love to have R take you to exciting destinations--like the backyard.  You think T is a regular comedian and S gives you the best snacks which are usually sweet.

Last week you were teething or something and wouldn't sleep through the night. One night Daddy told me that I should sleep and he would take you for the night.  He lasted five minutes. Haha.  He loves you so much!

You think it is great to go and find Daddy's phone that he keeps by the bed and his glasses.  If he falls asleep before you, which let's be honest is about every night, you climb out of bed and put the glasses on his sleeping face and his phone in hand so he has it if it suddenly rings. You are so helpful.

You are learning so many sounds. I would say words, but they are mostly noises you are interested in. You can imitate a train, plane, cow, cat, a honking horn almost on demand.  You know all our names, but you prefer to say "Da" for Dad, "AwWa" for S, but to my knowledge you don't have words you use for R or T.

You are adored! We love you!


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