Sunday, April 26, 2015

Salem Oregon Mission President Visit

R, S, T and K:
The Salem, Oregon Mission President and his amazing wife, the Samuelins, came to our ward today.  We heard about a month ago that he was coming and the minute I heard I felt like a whole plan just fell into my head.  I felt that it was really important that all the children hear from him and his dear wife.   

In order to make it a memorable experience (hopefully), we gave them mini mission calls and sent them out earlier in the week to prepare the moms and children for what was going to happen.  I still feel new in this particular calling or job at church (non-paid) is really new and I love the children so much.   The missions we used were New York, NY (of course); Lima Peru; Seoul Korea; and Zimbabwe Missions.  Then we let the leaders know where they needed to be to get the children situated into their missions as reverently as quickly as possible.

I gave you "Future Missionary" stickers to give to your teachers, but I think you may have forgotten.  

President and Sister Samuelin were wonderful speakers.  You all, meaning all the children, raised their hands to volunteer to be missionaries.  You were pretty reverent, but mostly excited about the whole experience.  

At one point I had to step out because I felt tears coming to my eyes.  It was beautiful to see you dear children volunteering to bear your testimonies as missionaries.  I realized, once again, what precious souls I have been given stewardship over.  Each of you is dearly needed and you will have great things that you will be guided to do.

Always know how dearly you are loved!


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