Monday, April 6, 2015

Carousel Museum: Albany, Oregon

 A couple of weeks ago during spring break, we went to the Carousel Museum with our friends.  You had a great time.
 This museum is going to be turned into a carousel and carousel house, but for now, it is the studio/museum where they are working tirelessly to get the animals done.  Each animal had a unique story--like the frog above. It is dedicated to a wonderful woman that passed away recently, by her twelve children (you can see on the apron twelve little tadpoles). Her favorite animal was frogs, color purple and her favorite flowers were yellow roses.  What a dear way to remember your mother, right?!

 They were so happy to tell us all about the projects.  There were even some you could climb on and enjoy. Several of the stores in Albany house the finished animals--for donations--until the time they are ready to be put on the carousel that will be built.  Each animal takes at least two years from beginning to end.

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