Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Camping and Friends

Daddy works so hard that when there was an opportunity to go camping with the scouts to a member of the scout troop's house, Daddy decided all the children (except you, K) should go.  You went with Daddy after his work. You got there about 9 p.m.  Enough time to get some delicious s'mores and to get the tent put up. It was raining and there were no lights.  Daddy still got the tent up.  By the morning, however, I think you were all slightly soaked and cold but absolutely delighted.

Now I have a list of things I need to do next time we go camping to prepare you better.  S, you got marshmallow in your hair and you all proclaimed that you had never been camping before. But, really, R and S, you have.  When R was 2 and S was a few months old we went camping with the Ortons.

Then after you got home we rushed up to Tigard for Emma's birthday party. We got there a little late because of a wreck that would have been exactly where we would have been if we'd have left a little earlier. So, in other words, I think we missed a wreck leaving when we did even though we had to go through a lot of traffic to get to the party place.

Then I got to go to a baby shower of one of our friends there too and see so many women that have left an impact in my life.  I got to see three of my dearest friends in Tigard that day too. I loved it!

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