Thursday, April 16, 2015

A.C. Gilbert House

You were a little skeptical when we came to the A.C. Gilbert Discovery Village.  You have memories of our trips to Manhattan from Brooklyn and honestly you loved all those visits, but for some reason you didn't really want to go here--until you found out you would be meeting A and B there with Erika!
But when we got there you dashed around playing with all the toys and making it fun.  I am so glad that you are good friends with each other.  In the photo above S had hidden an egg (which you cannot really see at R's feet).  S, you kept trying to hide it.
Now we have a membership to this museum which includes four others in the area (yes!).  We are going to do a lot more museum adventures.  I love it when you have days off school so we can do fun things together. Summertime is going to be wonderful! I can hardly wait!

Love, Mom

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