Thursday, March 5, 2015


Dear Ones:
 K, you love to sleep on my arm/shoulder every night.  It makes me smile and Daddy a little jealous.  But he does get the best "Hello, Daddy!" hugs.
This was from yesterday when we were doing a lot of yard work, including mowing our quite expansive yard.  T, you were the weed exterminator. R, you were the lawn barber.

Daddy found out yesterday that if we wanted to get $500 off our taxes, we could sell $635 worth of produce or goods from our yard--like if we had chickens and used their eggs or if we sold the fruit from our trees or if we got a goat.   Just thinking about it. 

Daddy had an hour for lunch yesterday so we got to go on a date.

S, your shoes literally fell apart at school yesterday and I had to take you a different pair.  I am thinking we may need to get some shoes, like at REI so that they quit getting torn apart by normal wear and tear.
R, you had a small groups concert.  It was delightful and I enjoyed hearing you play.  You are getting better and better. Be patient with yourself.  Becoming a great player requires a lot of time and practice.
Just for the record, I am really enjoying your childhood (for the most part) and I hope you are too. :D  Love you!  Mom

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