Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Library from K's Eyes

The library is a magical place, especially when, besides the books with the tales that carry you away into millions of different imaginary worlds, there are toys.  Toys that are your size.  Toys that almost call your name. Toys with B.R.I.G.H.T. colors.  And a kitchen.

Somewhere there is story time too--but for goodness sake, how can you focus on that when there are these toys, people?!  

Take, for example, the kitchen. What?!
Just imagine those knobs I can turn on a stove without mom going ballistic and fetching the fire extinguisher a.k.a. an entire box of baking soda to stop a potential fire. 
Pots and pans that transfer seamlessly between stove-top and oven interior are any cooks dream come come true.  How can one resist that oven mitt that fits me perfectly, protecting my dimpled hands?!
Story time is so passe, but those toys?!  And the friends (not pictured, but there), that is heaven.

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