Monday, March 16, 2015

Friend Problems

 Dear T, you have been experiencing some hard times with some friends. The friends that you've been playing with all year have suddenly decided that they don't want to play with you and have told you so.  I noticed that you kept saying to me, "I want to move back to Brooklyn, where my friends are."

You were really upset about it, understandably. I went into the bathroom and I said a quick prayer in my head that I would know what to say to you and how to help you. R came in the room and he listen to what you had to say and he told you that that had happened many times to him. Then he said, "that's when I decided that I would go and make paper airplanes for myself and show them." I was surprised because R never said anything about having trouble with friends. But I was really proud of him deciding that he could do stuff on his own and play by himself.

When I was in 5th grade, all my friends seemed to suddenly disappear. I decided that I would not mind that. the way that I dealt with it was getting my favorite book or any book for that matter and going out into the yard of the school finding a nice place to sit where I can watch people, and then I would read until the bell rang. One time I read for so long and I got so involved in the book but I didn't see hear the bell ring or see the children running in and I came in and I was locked out of the school and I had to go to the front of the school to go back go back into class.  At the end of the school year I won the award for reading the most books.

I guess what I'm saying is, it is okay to have times when friends aren't there to play with. I know it can feel lonely! You are a wonderful boy and you will be able to play by yourself and enjoy yourself.

Friends, like everything in this world, work in ebbs and flows. that means sometimes it will feel like you have so many friends that you can hardly pay attention to all of them. Then there may be times that it will feel like you don't have hardly any friends, if any at all. It is perfectly normal.  I know when there aren't very many friends that it can be really frustrating.

We talked about it some more this morning, and we said the important thing was that you knew that you were loved by our family but even more so by your Savior, Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. He loves you so perfectly. I love you, T. You are a great boy. I know you are a good friend and that you try really hard to get things done in school that you need to. I know that you have many talents and one of them is making friends easily. You talked about making new friends and just enjoying being at school with the teacher that you really like, Mrs. M.

This will all work out. I love you. Love mom

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