Thursday, March 12, 2015

cans are dangerous

 Dear K:
You are a trooper.  Today was a day I will not soon forget.  Last week you and I went shopping. On that date we bought a new can opener. I got the one that leaves sharp edges because the ones that don't cut with sharp edges cannot usually open the 10 inch cans that we have.
 For lunch we had chili from a can that you love.  You ate half of it.  Then I put the can in the trash, in the back thinking there was no way you would dig through the garbage to find it.
 [Dear readers that are not K, if you do not like the sight of blood, do not continue reading--because the last photo has a bit].
This is a photo of us and Portland. Do you see OMSI?
 I went out to the garage, ironically to find the drill bits so I could install baby proofing things, and left you with S when she got home from school. A few minutes later I heard you crying.  I rushed in to find you covered with blood and S crying too.  You'd found the can and cut a "V" into your finger with it.  I could tell by the amount of blood you had lost and the hole that it was not a band-aid situation. I would like to say I was calm and collected about it but somehow it, but none of us were, except daddy.  I hollered for R to come down quick.  S answered a call from her friend, much to my panicked chagrin--which spread to her friend.
K, you actually weren't asleep--but you were really close when I took this photo.
 I took you to Daddy at work who assessed the situation (according to his wishes) then we drove up through rush hour traffic to Portland's OHSU children's emergency room.  They were very kind, but since Daddy started a new job in January so we're probably going to pay it out of pocket--which makes me cringe. Your finger had a tough time straightening out--which we are still praying for.  Gratefully the nerves were not damaged, but your tendon may have been.  We are praying for complete healing of the wound.  The doctor said that happened to his 2-year-old with a soda can.
Do you see the gash on your finger? :( 
It was funny to see you falling asleep right after they gave you the pain medication.  It seemed like all of the sudden you weighed at least ten pounds more and my arms were exhausted very fast. You smiled at everyone and even at the doctor as he inspected and played with your hurt finger. Thank goodness for medicine.

I am so grateful that your finger will most likely heal all the way and that it was not as serious as it could have been. I will be sure that all cans will be thrown in the recycling right away. Oh how I love you, dear one.  It melted my heart to hear you cry.  Daddy was able to get off work pretty quickly so he could come down to the hospital to hold you while you got stitches.  He is such a good daddy.

I love you!



To our friends: Thank you to the Frome family for coming over and watching S and T, dinner and your unrelenting support.  And to the other friends that offered support!  I cannot tell you how much it meant to know that if we needed it, you would be there to help us. :D

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  1. We are so sorry for little K! Ouch! We pray that she heals quickly! We love you all!