Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Beautiful Newport, Oregon

Dear Kidlets:
Uncle Brent and Aunt Tanya came into town this last week during Spring Break.  You were so thrilled to have them come you asked me every five minutes all morning when they were going to be there.
They are so wonderful. They weren't just here to visit.  Uncle Brent had some oral surgery done and then he and Aunt Tanya were all about helping us.

Aunt Tanya is so beautiful!  This photo does not do her justice.  Look at lovely Ginger too!

While they were here they: fixed our sink that was falling out, added child locks to our bathroom drawers, fixed the chest of drawers cupboards that wouldn't stay closed, cleaned out our garden boxes, burned a pile of yard debris (completely legal here), took us to Newport, Oregon with us, got us yummy Chinese food, and we talked and talked. I feel like I am forgetting some, but I just wanted you to know that all their glorious help was greatly appreciated!!
I felt like Peter--above--for all the great things they did!

Do Uncle Brent and I look alike?

We went to the beach and got soaking wet and cold and then hopped in the warm car and got some yummy warm food.
After they left you, S, went to your room and cried.  You came out with a sweet red face and said, "Mom, we need to live near cousins.  I miss Jane so much!"
Thank you Brent and Tanya and family! You are wonderful! We love you!

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