Friday, February 20, 2015


Dear Kidlets:

Lately, at night right before you go to bed you've been writing in your journals with great gusto.  Each of you have been writing and R, you told me that you want to write in your journal like you are writing a book or a history of your life.

It makes me smile so big and my heart rejoice.

Sometimes you tell me that you want me to read it.  Then there are times that you are upset at me (why do I have to clean and help?!).  You pour all your grumpy feelings onto that wonderful paper.  Then when you do want to share it with me, you read ahead and gulp and say, "Just a minute. I wrote this when I was really mad at you."

Honestly, I feel really grateful that you express your anger through the book instead of at me (though, let's be honest--I get a lot more than your journal ever would).  We are working on expressing ourselves peaceably, but it is quite the work in progress.

In fact, the other night at scouts we had, each of us, had an explosion of anger, and when I went in to talk to the other adults it took me a good thirty minutes to pull myself together and I couldn't truly think straight for the rest of the evening.

This is when you all decided to come and snuggle with us in Mom and Dd's bed. It made me so happy I wanted to remember it always. So here.
But, I have to say that I really love to see you writing.

T, you have decided that reading is public enemy number one.  But somehow in the evening, on non-graded work, you write wonderful words describing your day with no worries about showing it to a teacher.

R, you got a letter and a journal from your Uncle Jeff, who is serving a mission for our church right now.  It is a beautiful letter where he talks about how writing in his journal made a huge impact on his life.

S, you have more journals than the boys put together and you are writing in each one at different times.

R after you were born.
K, you add to anyone's journal that has a pen near it, any time and any date. Your writing looks like scribbles right now, but I love it. That is why when you read any and almost all of the journals that I have had since being a mother you will find a lot of scribbles.

R, you were about six weeks old and we were moving out to NYC area.  Look at your sweet chubbiness.  Just perfect! :D
I think it also helps that I have left all my journals on the shelf for your reading enjoyment (I haven't found another place to store them).  You also see me write in my thought book and journal a lot.  My thought book contains all the things that I want to work on including my film-making goals and thoughts to improve anything in our lives (you're in there a lot).

Just know that the words that you  write may inspire you and others in the future.  Also, marking out the unkind things is perfectly acceptable.

With love always,

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