Tuesday, February 3, 2015

If . . .

A guy walks into a bar and says, "Ouch!"

Why don't aliens eat clowns?
Because they taste funny.

Last night, T, you discovered a way to get your phone to tell you jokes. These were the two it kept repeating. We asked it a lot.

Yesterday, was a bit of a wake up day. You see, you may remember that I was in a bit of a funk.  I think I get into a bit of a funk every time I finish a short and I begin to wonder if ... the dot dot dot stands for just about everything.  If I should . . . If it would work better to . . . If. If. If.

Later, I got a little personal revelation (which I love). I needed it to refocus me. Seriously.  Here is what it was.  I am posting it so I do not forget.  
1. Optimism is around every corner. Look for it.
2.  My children are not going to be around me forever (gulp, sigh, tears in my eyes) and I am going to enjoy being with you and being your mother.
3. I will be able to make my master works.

I decided to write down somethings that I wanted to improve on mothering-wise.
A.  Discipline.  I need to be obeyed cheerfully--with mutual respect.
B. Recognizing and building talents.  I started a list of some of your talents.
3. Spend time with each one of you individually.  This can be really challenging because there always seems to be so many things going on.  

Last night you talked to me about your phone for at least 30 minutes T.  I loved seeing your eyes light up and you joy in the app discoveries and determination to turn off the wifi so that there will not be immodest apps on your apps.  

Today, R while T was at lessons and S was at a play date. It was really fun to visit with you and to go get ice cream together.  I loved hearing you tell me about your friends and your upcoming projects in school.

S, you and I practiced together yesterday, much to your chagrin. But when we practice together I can really see improvements. It means a lot to me to see you working hard and learning new things--plus today when we saw a booth on the side of the road selling cool lights.  You got out and looked at them so happily.  We got one for your room and you were in heaven.  

K, you are almost talking.  You have two complete sentences that I may have mentioned again, "What did you do?!" and "Where did you go?!" That you pull out appropriate times.  It makes me laugh.  Then you have times where I can barely not understand you.

No matter what "ifs"  come our way, we will weather it out.  The Lord is on our side. How can we fail?  

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