Thursday, February 12, 2015

Favorite Game

Dear Ones:

You are at an age where we can get more technical than we used to be able to do with the games that we play. Your new favorite game it to play hide and seek around the house, outside, in the dark.
Whenever I feel like we've been inside (phased out on electronics) I will holler out, "Anyone want to play hide-and-seek?"  There are, every time I have said it, shouts of "Yay!" and glee.
K, even you get into it.  Although, when you hide we are usually the first ones found--probably because of my loud shushes to quiet your squeals of delight so we can remain hidden (see the kindly way that was worded).

It makes me smile when we find each other.  R, you have some great places to hide and there have been many times we've walked right by you as you pretend to be a bush.
T, you're learning to take defeat with a grain of salt and to be happy for the ones who win.  Don't worry, with age and a lot of losing and some winning you'll get better at it.

Now our next goal is to see if we can out-hide Daddy. Heehee.


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