Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Antique Mall and Monkey Fridays

In our town there is an antique mall that I adore. It has the most wonderful knick knacks.  
This is a monk's mirror--where the monk could not look in the mirror more than a few seconds to avoid vanity.  The picture slides in and out.  Does it make you jealous?   I think I would paint something on it like, "You are beautiful!"
 Alright, when I saw this lamp I thought of the movie "Ozma of Oz" and I did in fact touch the lamp and say out loud, "Oz!"   But nothing happened--no scarecrow, tin man, chicken,  moose sleigh, or Jack the pumpkin head.  So, yes, I am a child of the 80s.
 I loved this painting because those eyes are just piercing.
But, this photo just stole my heart. The mother seems to be trying really hard not to beam at her sweet boy, but it is delightfully obvious that she is so thankful and so proud, just how I feel about you.  It is so beautiful!
We met up with our friends at the antique mall and then we dashed over to Monkey Fridays for their funky monkey sandwich--which is my favorite.  You ran around like crazy the whole five minutes you let me sit.  

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