Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Anti-Grumpy-Gladness Game

Dearest Kidlets:

Sunday, T, you got to give a talk or a little speech in Primary (the time at church for children ages 3-11).  I did not realize that you were assigned a talk because you gave one last month.  You got up, rolled up your sleeve and showed everyone your elbow. "I got this scab in the chapel."  You grinned. Most people couldn't see the tiny rug burn you got from the pew.

"Nice elbow, T!" some children and teachers validated.

Then Sister Hoggard said, "Now, bear your testimony."

"I am thankful for our bodies!"

I thought you were asked to give the scripture or something and was still surprised.  You made us all smile. You had taken something that had been not-so-great: your rug burn on your elbow and changed it to something good--being grateful for our bodies.

Yesterday morning I woke up with this grand idea.  The idea was that whenever I had a grumpy, murmuring thought I would immediately replace it with something I was glad about the reason I was grumpy.

Within a number of seconds I had to be thankful for something right away. I couldn't find my glasses.  I instantly replaced my instant gratification thinking with, "I am thankful that I can find my glasses quickly and that I have eyes to look for my glasses."

Turns out, I realized that I complain a lot in my head and it is time for change.  It is going to change.

When I was thinking out this post it sounded so much better in my head.

Minutes later I heard hollering from the next room and knocking on my door, "Mom . . . . so and so did such and such."

Time to put my goals into action . . . with you.

"Mom, where did you put my shoes?" says T.

"Where did I put your shoes?!" says I.

Attempted rewind initiated.   "Aren't you glad that you have shoes?"

Let's just say, it is a work in progress.  Like everything we do here. :)

I think it was you, T, that planted the seed for that idea.  Love ya!

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