Monday, January 26, 2015

Tigard Adventures

We met up today with our friends from Tigard.  Erika Bushman and her kids, Kim Deaver with her son and then her dad, Phil, Kim Barlow with her kids, and Darian Jones with his kids. 
We had a blast. You found a really cool tadpole that hatched while you were watching it, S.  You also found several leaches (which you removed).  
After we froze outside on the day it was supposed to be sunny and 60 degrees out, we went to the Washington Square Mall where you played in the Lego store for two hours.  S, you had a coupon for a free Lego guy--a Lego Store worker (awesome, right?!), and they were so nice to you!  I didn't realize they gave you something else free.  We all love going there because they have the best customer service and are super kind.  I feel like I know the people and even though we haven't been there in six months practically, they still remember us.
We went and hit the awesome sells at the mall (is the best time to go shopping, or what?!). You all ended up (except you, K) with some new gloves/mittens.

We went and ate at Sweet Tomatoes with Erika and Kim B.  It was so fun to talk with them!  It felt like we hadn't even been away. I love that feeling!

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