Thursday, January 15, 2015

Palm Springs Part One

Daddy and I went to Palm Springs with you, K, while you R, S, and T stayed with Grammers at our house.  K, you were very charming and cheerful on the flights.
It was late, we missed our first flight and we felt exhausted.  Little did we know how exhausted that we would feel.  K, you decided that when you were in bed that it was time to do a hollering contest with yourself and then a crying fest.
So knowing that we did not want to wake the others in the hotel, Daddy took you, K for a drive and you both ended up sleeping in the car for the night.  I could hardly sleep without you two in the room.   I count my many blessings when I hear your sleeping breathing.  I was so grateful when Daddy walked in a few minutes before he had to go to his 7 a.m. meeting.  We arrived at the hotel around midnight.

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