Friday, January 16, 2015

Palm Springs Part 2--Shield's Date Shake

Where we stayed in the Indian Wells Resort for Daddy's work.
Right after Daddy brought you in to sleep and then left you woke right up, K.  I was exhausted because I woke up every fifteen minutes or so to see if you were back.  You weren't a happy awake, either--so I got ready as quick as could be and we were out of the hotel to sight see by 10:30.  My cute new shoes gave me a blister so I went to the concierge to get a bandage for it.  They were so friendly and they just oohed and awed over your curls.  Then they gave me a map of attractions that people like to see.  I thought I would like to see what I had seen other bloggers post about instead of what they had in the map, but in retrospect I wish I had taken some time to go over their map and decide what looked fun (there were many more options).  That is my advice for the next time we go someplace--check with the concierge first what they think will be fun and then go.
 I wanted to taste one of the famous date shakes bloggers blog about in Palm Springs and the concierge suggested this place, Shields.  This was my first time working with a concierge, that I can remember.
The shake was delicious.  I also got to watch a movie on the life and love life of a date.  It was child appropriate (just so you know).  There was also a quaint shop which I was told has not changed much since the opening of the place.
They had a counter full of their breads and cookies (which in retrospect I wish I'd brought home).  The dates tasted like candy (seriously).  They were so tasty I brought some to Grammers--which she may have thought were like giving an elderly person prunes--not what I meant to do, at all.  I guess you had to go to the place to realize the awesomeness of the date.

They even had date sugar--which I think is much sweeter than regular sugar.  The shake was lunch.

For the record I think it would be hilarious to get a date when someone was asking you on a date. But I'm just punny like that.

I am going to post the pictures of Shield's garden next.  It is a garden of sculptures about the life of Jesus Christ and so beautiful.

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