Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Palm Springs Finale

When we got to the airport they didn't have the car that we reserved, but they did have a Ford Mustang and a minivan.  We decided to take the Mustang.
 We saw the Ronald Reagan's house.
 I loved the mid-century design.
 Isn't it beautiful, I told Dad to take the photo while I was driving.
We passed what the paper from the hotel listed as Debbie Reynold's [circa Singing in the Rain and hundreds of others] house, Leia, from Star Wars, Carrie Fisher's mother, The Office--Jenna Fisher's grandma.  Remember her?  From, S.  Hers and every other house in the are had signs for armed security.  That is pretty serious, considering California's gun laws.    When I passed her house I opened my window and shouted, "Hi, Debbie!"
We got to drive around for a couple of hours after the meetings on Sunday, sadly we missed church, but we had a great time driving around. For inspiration of places to go I went to this blog.

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