Thursday, January 8, 2015

Furniture Find

 Okay, so a filing cabinet may not be the most exciting find ever and I am okay with that. I just needed one and I'm determined to become more organized.  Baby steps folks.  Your school papers that I love will go in there too!  R, you carried this into the house by yourself and you helped me carry in the piece below (I couldn't have done it without you).
Then look at this beauty.  I loved the lines. I thought it would be great as a mini-buffet.   It needs a few touch-ups and a little bit of dusting and it will be perfect for a craft cabinet--which you were thrilled about, S.  I always find great things when my friend, Kristen, comes with me to look at furniture.  She gets my style and is great to let me bounce ideas off her.

I am taking a week off blogging for a little blogging R&R (rest and relaxation).

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