Monday, January 19, 2015

Carnival Themed Work Party

Saturday night we went to the work party.
Mostly, we had a great time visiting with these people.
We won four pets (I won the first one-hehe).
We had a delicious dinner and then you, K, started dancing. I wish I filmed it--I blame it on exhaustion.
We got a caricature.  Which I loved.
A lot of these photos are blurry because you grabbed Dad's phone, K, when your hands were full of food.
There were acrobats, people on stilts, fire jugglers,and regular jugglers.

I met the CEO and a lot of other important people of Dad's company.  The people that I met that knew Daddy were so kind. They told me that last year they had the company meeting at Disney Land and I have to say that I felt super jealous.  Don't worry kidlets, hopefully we'll make it to Disney Land before you are adults.
If I have a say in where next year's meeting is, I hope it is at Disneyland again. But . . . Palm Springs was pretty great! I will admit that I really loved and needed the break.

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