Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fog, Fog, Fog

This looks like it is raining. It is not. It is fog, a lot of fog.  That is what it has looked like here since last week.  I am trying to film a piece outside and it is proving to be very challenging to wait for the fog to clear.  Maybe I will do it fog or not.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Tigard Adventures

We met up today with our friends from Tigard.  Erika Bushman and her kids, Kim Deaver with her son and then her dad, Phil, Kim Barlow with her kids, and Darian Jones with his kids. 
We had a blast. You found a really cool tadpole that hatched while you were watching it, S.  You also found several leaches (which you removed).  
After we froze outside on the day it was supposed to be sunny and 60 degrees out, we went to the Washington Square Mall where you played in the Lego store for two hours.  S, you had a coupon for a free Lego guy--a Lego Store worker (awesome, right?!), and they were so nice to you!  I didn't realize they gave you something else free.  We all love going there because they have the best customer service and are super kind.  I feel like I know the people and even though we haven't been there in six months practically, they still remember us.
We went and hit the awesome sells at the mall (is the best time to go shopping, or what?!). You all ended up (except you, K) with some new gloves/mittens.

We went and ate at Sweet Tomatoes with Erika and Kim B.  It was so fun to talk with them!  It felt like we hadn't even been away. I love that feeling!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Albany Fun Zone

 My friend, Madeline, invited my us to come with her and her kids to the Fun Zone, a new bounce house place that opened up.
 You loved it.
 K, you were asleep for the first hour there.
 Then, when you woke up.  S was the first one there to take you on your first ride on the slides.
 Madeline didn't really want me to take this photo, but she said she would do it for the memories.
 This is her son, Matthew that is just a couple of months older than you, K.

 This is just as Madeline and her kids are leaving.  You were so happy to have friends there.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Palm Springs Finale

When we got to the airport they didn't have the car that we reserved, but they did have a Ford Mustang and a minivan.  We decided to take the Mustang.
 We saw the Ronald Reagan's house.
 I loved the mid-century design.
 Isn't it beautiful, I told Dad to take the photo while I was driving.
We passed what the paper from the hotel listed as Debbie Reynold's [circa Singing in the Rain and hundreds of others] house, Leia, from Star Wars, Carrie Fisher's mother, The Office--Jenna Fisher's grandma.  Remember her?  From, S.  Hers and every other house in the are had signs for armed security.  That is pretty serious, considering California's gun laws.    When I passed her house I opened my window and shouted, "Hi, Debbie!"
We got to drive around for a couple of hours after the meetings on Sunday, sadly we missed church, but we had a great time driving around. For inspiration of places to go I went to this blog.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Carnival Themed Work Party

Saturday night we went to the work party.
Mostly, we had a great time visiting with these people.
We won four pets (I won the first one-hehe).
We had a delicious dinner and then you, K, started dancing. I wish I filmed it--I blame it on exhaustion.
We got a caricature.  Which I loved.
A lot of these photos are blurry because you grabbed Dad's phone, K, when your hands were full of food.
There were acrobats, people on stilts, fire jugglers,and regular jugglers.

I met the CEO and a lot of other important people of Dad's company.  The people that I met that knew Daddy were so kind. They told me that last year they had the company meeting at Disney Land and I have to say that I felt super jealous.  Don't worry kidlets, hopefully we'll make it to Disney Land before you are adults.
If I have a say in where next year's meeting is, I hope it is at Disneyland again. But . . . Palm Springs was pretty great! I will admit that I really loved and needed the break.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Life of Christ

Shields Garden has beautiful sculptures showing the events from the life of Jesus Christ.
Mary and Baby Jesus.  If you can, scroll in closer to her face. I am not sure why, but the faces of each of these statues really spoke to me.  Right away I looked at Mary's face and saw that deep love she had for her baby and that knowledge that He would always be loved by her.
 The faces of the men talking to Jesus when he was a child. You can see their doubt, awe, and Jesus' thoughtfulness.

 Oh, this is beautiful.  Look at the awe on the little girl.

 The face of the little boy are of complete faith and trust.
  Jesus healing the sick. 
 The woman at the well.

 I love the expression of Christ from Palm Sunday.  He looks like he is about to give you a big hug.

 When I got to this point, I felt so incredibly blessed. When I was in college we did an oratorio all about Christ in The Bible and The Book of Mormon. As we sang, my heart swelled with joy. My favorite part was when we sang about Jesus Christ rising from the grave.  Something like this.
  As we sang, "He is not here, for He is risen!  He is risen! He is risen!" I felt like I wanted to run to each person in the audience and grasp their hands with joy and tell them, "This is true! Pray about it for yourself, with real intent, and you will know too!"
When I got to this area I had a very peaceful feeling that this place was where I needed to be right then.  Am I doing all I can to be what God wants me to be?  How can I do better?  Trust me, there is a lot, but I also have faith that I am a work in progress.  It was beautiful.  I needed that moment of still and peace. I like to find one or two quiet places where I can take a moment and refocus.
"As for me and my house, we will follow the Lord." (Joshua 24:15).