Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Visit From Grammers

 You had a wonderful time with Grammers. You made gingerbread houses, went shooting with Ben and Daddy, went to the antique mall, out to eat, cleaned, and had basically a wonderful time.

 Grammers made you these aprons specifically for the gingerbread time.

 S, since you have really gotten into cooking she made her famous apple pie that was super delicious--that came from Aunt Lizzy (whom a professional chef asked for the recipe).

 Grammers made our post-Thanksgiving meal with the turkey and mashed potatoes, but this time, I made the other meals.  I know, me cooking . . . the pancakes weren't very good, but everything else turned out okay.  I just used the wrong recipe. But, I am pretty proud that I cooked some.

 Ben was so great to each of you.  If he had a fan club, you would be the leaders.  T and R you followed him practically every where.  Every time he started to play with you, K, you would laugh and laugh.
See how tall he is?!  S, you've called Grammers almost every day (if not every day) since they left--sometimes many times a day. I think you've even sent her a video.  Daddy had a great time with Ben. I haven't heard Dad laugh so hard in a long time.  I love to hear Dad laugh.

More photos to come and maybe even a recipe for that awesome apple pie.

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